David Edelstein is a Douchebag

For those of you who have no idea who David Eldelstein is (aka: everyone), he is a film “reviewer” currently working for New York magazine. He has recently become well-known thanks to his infamously flawed review of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight“.

For those of you who have not read the disaster of a review, it can be found here.

Edelstein’s (what is he, Communist?) main criticism of the film is it’s dark and gritty tone, something nobody expected in a film called The Dark Knight. Is this man so mentally retarded that he was genuinely surprised to discover that a movie starring a deformed clown and a leather-clad black ninja was going to be dark? Weren’t the trailers, posters, viral marketing campaigns and television commercials enough to reveal the idea that yes, this is a dark film.

Complaining that The Dark Knight is too dark is like going to the movies to see a Saw film and whining that the film was too scary, or going to see a comedy and complaining that it was too funny. Criticizing a film advertised and hyped as a serious and dark movie for delivering on exactly what it promised is quite possibly the most retarded thing I’ve seen all year (except for Cloverfield).

Another gem of cinematic critique bestowed upon the world by Edelstein is that Christopher Nolan “appears to have no clue how to stage or shoot action.” He complains that the fight scenes are “incoherent“, which raises the question of what Edelstein would consider coherent, anyway. The fight scenes in The Dark Knight are in no way hard-to-follow or disorientating, and this is coming from someone who felt a little sick during the shaky-camera antics of Cloverfield.

The claim that Nolan is inept at creating and shooting action sequences is destroyed with the numerous vehicles and structures demolished amazingly in the film. How a reviewer can criticize the action of a movie that has a front flipping truck (a fucking front flip!) baffles me.

As if Edelstein’s review of The Dark Knight wasn’t bad enough, his previous scores for other movies add even more to the mass “What the fuck?” uttered by the internet. Whilst this man insults quite possibly one of the best super-hero (and, to an extent, crime) movies of the last few years, he gives bastardized crap like Don’t Mess With The Zohan and Wanted positive reviews.

Personally, I loved The Dark Knight and, whilst not a fanboy, will gladly recommend it to anybody who will listen.

Don’t let douchebags like Edelstein deter you; see this film.


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